About Us

Our company produces air conditioning disinfection devices and facilities with its work experience and know-how since 2004, when it was founded.

As a company that has produced hundreds of facilities that can respond to the demands accurately and on time, our company is fully equipped in order to ensure the compatibility of the systems we have established, our projects and its continuity in the use process.

Evaporative products, heating-cooling, ventilation systems and machines, ventilation ducts, aspirators, ventilators, dust extraction systems, heat recovery devices, humidification, dehumidification devices, filtering and vehicle disinfection systems are our activity areas.

As 3T Makine, we aim to be able to progress at the same speed as the developments in the sector and to provide innovative and high-quality services to our customers. It is always our priority to ensure that the systems we have established are able to respond to customer demands accurately and timely with a fully equipped team and to be the model in the sector by offering the same service quality after sales.