Viruses (screed, newcastle, rabies, etc.), which are the common problems of many animal markets and animal farms in our country, spread by means of transportation vehicles.

Diseases that adversely affect the trade of livestock and animal products between countries cause great economic losses. The losses suffered by the national economies are expressed in million dollars. Diseases that are the most important danger for animal markets cause the virus to spread in a short time after entering the animal market. For this reason, disinfection of transport vehicles used in animal referrals is an important issue in the fight against epidemics.

Vehicle disinfection systems mainly used in livestock industry are also actively used in border gates, harbors and facilities with heavy vehicle entry / exit traffic within the scope of combating viruses.

Vehicle disinfection systems developed with the fogging method, including fan system and tunnel system, eliminate unnecessary personnel employment, and provide an accurate and homogeneous disinfection process by protecting the environment and human health.